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What makes us different?

The collective venture on which we have been working since the company’s inception is based on a few core values, which make us stand out.

Independence "In our DNA”

  • All of the equity capital is held by directors, fund managers and members of the staff.
  • Funds have traditionally been marketed by independent professionals.
  • Freedom to think, speak and act. We speak out.


  • Active management,
    decorrelated from market indices.
  • Fund managers are on the field.
    Nearly 1.500 visits each year: countries, production sites, directors, etc.
  • We have been pioneers on emerging markets since 1989


  • We go wherever the real growth opportunities lie.This means getting off the beaten track.
  • A long-term investment strategy.
  • Our corporate culture, Fund’s track-record and client-servicing have been rewarded over the years.

Team spirit

  • The quest for excellence and passion for business.
  • A single multi-skilled management team.
  • A daily investment committee meeting, attended by the 42 members of the management team.

A culture of transparency

  • Publication of the detailed breakdown of portfolios every quarter.
  • A model based on involvement, synergies and sharing.
  • For professional clients: access to weekly Fund reports.