Making a difference through active responsible investment

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Climate change is the defining issue of our time. Carmignac is taking part in the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative, which is demonstrating how businesses can take effective action against climate change. Discover how we play our role within the asset management industry:

Fund management companies, provided that they're active, can have a significant impact on the way companies are run, and the shape of things to come

Edouard Carmignac

Every company, regardless of the industry it operates in, can play its part in the fight against climate change. As active stewards of our clients’ savings, we are proud to be driving business practices towards a more environmentally friendly economy, while also making a positive contribution to society and the planet. Our independence and active management empower us to think freely, constantly challenge ourselves and leave no stone unturned, while always pursuing the main objective: providing long-term value for our clients.

For us, fighting climate change is not just about investing in clean businesses such as renewable energies, nor does it come down to excluding high carbon-emitting businesses. We are convinced there is a significant role to be played by positioning ourselves across the entire renewable energy and industrial value chain. This includes investing in ‘controversial’ industries such as mining or oil, which can play a key role in fighting climate change, whether by committing to reduce their carbon emissions or by providing the products and services that will enable other businesses to reduce their carbon emissions.

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