Soft closing of the Carmignac Long-Short European Equities Strategy

Carmignac Long-Short European Equities and Carmignac Portfolio Long-Short European Equities

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The soft closing follows a period of significant inflows for the Carmignac Long Short European Equities strategy, managed by Malte Heininger.

In addition to the long short strategy, Malte Heininger also manages a small/mid cap strategy, Carmignac Euro-Entrepreneurs and Carmignac Portfolio Euro-Entrepreneurs, with a conviction-driven approach looking for attractive small and mid-cap growth opportunities across Europe.

With the arrival of Mark Denham as Head of European Equities in 2016, Carmignac has strengthened its European Equities capabilities. Mark Denham manages Carmignac Portfolio Grande Europe. He has also recently been appointed co-manager for the equity part of the newly launched fund Carmignac Portfolio Patrimoine Europe. Keith Ney is managing the fixed income part of this fund, whose flexible structure allows the fund managers to pursue a conviction-driven investment strategy aiming to generate long-term positive returns while mitigating downside risks.

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