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Carmignac Profil Réactif 50 Information for Investors


ISIN : FR0010149203

Paris, 17 February 2020

The prospectus of the CARMIGNAC PROFIL REACTIF 50 fund will be updated on 19 February 2020, but this did not result in material changes.

The fund now invests between 30% and 100% of its net assets in debt securities and money market instruments, compared with 50%-100% previously. This modification will enable the fund to invest in UCIs with moderate exposure to fixed-income securities while maintaining low, or even negative, exposure to equity markets. The fund’s investment objective remains unchanged and the maximum exposure to the equity markets is still 50% of its net assets.

In addition, following a reorganisation within the Carmignac Group, the prospectus of the Carmignac Profil Réactif 50 fund has also been amended to reflect the fact that financial management is no longer delegated to Carmignac Gestion Luxembourg. From now on, Carmignac Gestion will carry out all financial management duties from Paris.

No action is required on your part as a result of these changes. They have no effect on your investment fund’s risk/return profile and do not give rise to any additional fees.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) was informed of this update.

For further information, please read the fund prospectus bearing the above date or contact your usual adviser. It may take up to one month to register the new prospectus in each of the countries in which our funds are distributed.

The KIID, prospectus (including the management regulations) and latest annual and semi-annual reports are available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch at and also :

In Switzerland, with the representative CACEIS (Switzerland) SA, Route de Signy, 35, CH-1260 Nyon.

The Swiss Paying Agent is CACEIS Bank Luxembourg, succursale de Nyon / Suisse, Route de Signy 35, CH-1260 Nyon.