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Performance Overview

Find out about historical performance, volatility and all the performance measures that will enable you to assess the Fund's past performance.

Carmignac Portfolio Emergents fund performance

Performance Overview

Data as of:  13 Jun 2024.

Calendar Year Performance (as %)

Calendar Year Performance (as %)

Data as of:  31 May 2024.
Carmignac Portfolio Emergents - A USD Acc Hdg
Reference Indicator: MSCI EM (USD) (Reinvested net dividends)
Carmignac Portfolio Emergents A USD Acc Hdg+14.5 %-10.8 %+52.5 %-
Reference Indicator+10.4 %-7.1 %+22.2 %-
Category Average----
Ranking (quartile)----
​Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Performances are net of fees (excluding possible entrance fees charged by the distributor). Morningstar Rating™ :  © Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The information contained herein: is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; may not be copied or distributed; and is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information.
Source: Carmignac at 31/05/2024.

Statistics (%)

These measures are used to assess a Fund's risk-adjusted performance. A well-performing Fund should ideally have a solid return (measured by the Sharpe ratio and alpha) relative to its risk (measured by volatility), while being well aligned with market expectations (measured by beta relative to the reference indicator).


Data as of:  31 May 2024.
Fund+17.6 %+18.9 %+17.3 %
Reference Indicator +14.3 %+16.4 %+16.3 %

Calculation : Weekly basis

Reference indicator: MSCI EM (USD) (Reinvested net dividends)
Source: Carmignac at 31 May 2024.

Monthly Gross Performance Contribution

The contribution to performance demonstrates the different sources of returns. The sum of these elements is equal to the performance before the deduction of management fees applicable to the portfolio for the period in question. Fees payable for the period account for the difference between the gross performance and the net performance.

Monthly Gross Performance Contribution

Data as of:  31 May 2024.
Equity portfolio-1.6 %
Currency Derivatives0.0 %
Mutual fund-0.1 %
Total-1.7 %

Performance scenarios

The figures shown include all the costs of the product itself, but may not include all the costs that you pay to your advisor or distributor. The figures do not take into account your personal tax situation, which may also affect how much you get back. What you will get from this product depends on future market performance. Market developments in the future are uncertain and cannot be accurately predicted. The unfavourable, moderate, and favourable scenarios shown are illustrations using the worst, average, and best performance of the product over the last 10 years. Markets could develop very differently in the future. This table shows the money you could get back over the next 5 years, under different scenarios, assuming that you invest 10 000 $.

Performance and Average Annual Return

Data as of:  Apr 2024.
If you exit after 1 year
If you exit after 5 years
What you might get back after costs
Average return each year
2520 $
-75.00 %
2410 $
-24.80 %
What you might get back after costs
Average return each year
7030 $
-30.00 %
8320 $
-3.60 %
What you might get back after costs
Average return each year
10170 $
+2.00 %
13400 $
+6.00 %
What you might get back after costs
Average return each year
17200 $
+72.00 %
20320 $
+15.20 %

The unfavourable scenario occurred for an investment between 06/2021 and 04/2024.

The moderate scenario occurred for an investment between 01/2019 and 01/2024.

The favourable scenario occurred for an investment between 02/2016 and 02/2021.

Source: Carmignac at 30 Apr 2024.
Reference to certain securities and financial instruments is for illustrative purposes to highlight stocks that are or have been included in the portfolios of funds in the Carmignac range. This is not intended to promote direct investment in those instruments, nor does it constitute investment advice. The Management Company is not subject to prohibition on trading in these instruments prior to issuing any communication. The portfolios of Carmignac funds may change without previous notice.
The reference to a ranking or prize, is no guarantee of the future results of the UCIS or the manager.
​The information presented above is not contractually binding and does not constitute investment advice. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance is shown net of fees (excluding any subscription fees payable to the distributor). Investors may lose some or all of their capital, as the capital in the UCI is not guaranteed. Access to the products and services presented herein may be restricted for some individuals or countries. Taxation depends on the situation of the individual. The risks, fees and recommended investment period for the UCI presented are detailed in the KIDs (key information documents) and prospectuses available on this website. The KID must be made available to the subscriber prior to purchase.
Carmignac Portfolio is a sub-fund of Carmignac Portfolio SICAV, an investment company under Luxembourg law, conforming to the UCITS Directive.

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