Responsible Investment

Analysing a company’s performance, and making a clear assessment of its long-term risks, means going beyond traditional financial considerations. Our responsible investment approach gives us an in-depth picture of a company’s true potential, helping us to make better investment decisions for our clients.

Responsible Investment mindset

As active and independent asset managers, our mandate is to efficiently manage our clients’ savings over the long term and investing responsibly is inherently linked to achieving this.

  • We build our own views through proprietary quantitative analysis, enriched with human insights and independent research.

  • We embed ‘extra-financial analysis’ into our investment process because it is critical to mitigating risks and identifying opportunities.

  • We make decisions based on our convictions and long-term vision, even when it means shaking up conventional thinking.

  • We engage with the companies we invest in to encourage them to adopt best practices and to transition to a more sustainable profitability.

  • We collaborate with key industry players to help raise awareness and act for climate change mitigation and social progress.

ESG themes in focus

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) themes have a broad scope and include how companies treat waste and water usage (E), diversity, workplace health and safety (S), bribery and corruption, board independence and executive compensation (G). We have decided to prioritise three themes that are consistent with our investment philosophy and long-term views:

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    We believe every company must play its part in climate change mitigation. We work with the companies we invest in to achieve emissions transparency and to transition to climate-friendly policies.

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    Human capital

    We believe employees are a company’s most valuable asset, when cared for. We ask the companies we invest in to focus on efficiently managing their human capital for employee engagement and satisfaction.

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    We believe in long-term value creation from firms that can innovate to constantly provide the best solutions for their clients. We help the companies we invest in to take a long-term view, by leveraging our own legacy as a family-run, entrepreneurial company.


At the core of our commitment to responsible investing is the belief that companies simply cannot do it alone. We have partnered with several organisations across the financial industry to encourage best responsible investment practices for all stakeholders. The icons below show the pledges we have made as either signatories, supporters or participants of initiatives, professional associates and working groups. Click on the logos for more information.


Signature date: 14/06/2012


Signature date: 27/10/2019


Signature date: 05/01/2020


Signature date: 01/12/2019


Signature date: 07/02/2022


Signature date: 02/02/2022

Read our Sustainability related disclosures, ESG Integration, Exclusion, Climate, Voting and Transparency Code policies, plus our Carbon, Engagement and Voting reports.

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