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    Charles Zerah marks his 5th year at the helm of Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond.

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Carmignac's note

Les trois piliers de la confiance

The three pillars of confidence

We did not have to wait long for a first glimpse of the situation we anticipated two months ago .



Jean Médecin on Bloomberg TV

Jean Médecin, Member of Investment Committee at Carmignac was on Bloomberg Television. He discussed the role of the ECB in Greece’s talks with its creditors, Carmignac’s strategy on Bund and peripheral debt, and how to manage its equity portfolio in the current context.


Flash Note

Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond

Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus

March 2015: Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus was positioned in order to take advantage of the reflation trade (thanks to the high liquidity provided by ECB & BoJ) particularly through positions on peripheral bonds, currencies and equities.

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Quarterly report


Management report - 1st quarter 2015

So far, European growth has essentially been “stolen” from the rest of the world through the devaluation of the euro, which cannot continue at the same pace or on the same scale. 

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