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la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac

Edouard Carmignac

la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac January 2015

The growing volatility in European markets is not fortuitous . It reflects quite simply that the European chickens have come home to roost.


Carmignac's note

Preparedness over prediction

January 2015 - Early January is usually spent trying to foresee what lies in store for the year ahead. 


Flash Note

European Team 1st Anniversary

We adopted a cautious stance towards European markets since early 2014 even though being long Europe and especially peripheral countries such as Spain and Italy seemed to be the consensus opinion at the beginning of the year.

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Jean Médecin on CNBC

Jean Médecin, member of the investment committee at Carmignac, was on CNBC’s Squawk Box program and warned investors to be selective and disciplined in 2015 as corrections and bounce back require a nimble attitude. 

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