• la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac

    Yet another year with no summer break for the financial markets. More to the point: the gyrations they experienced in August wiped out a large chunk of the gains made by a number of our funds since the start of 2015.

  • Management report - 3rd quarter 2015

    China’s devaluation and the Fed’s prevarication due to the possibility of US activity dipping seem to reflect three major structural


  • Download the operational guide

    Download the operational guide and account opening form for Latam and US offshore countries. 

  • Confidence in question

    Every month, Didier Saint Georges’ note on the economy and markets, without political bias.

  • Risk can help your investments fly.

    Or it can cut them down.
    To master it you must embrace this duality.


Watch the interview of Jean Médecin, Member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, on CNBC.



Watch the interview of Didier Saint-Georges, Member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, on Bloomberg TV.


Flash Note

Carmignac Portfolio Global Bond

After a very strong Q1 2015, Carmignac Portfolio Capital Plus has experienced weaker performance since the end of the first quarter, amidst a market that has seen a substantial increase in volatility.


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Charles Zerah Global Bond

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