• la Lettre d'Edouard Carmignac October 2016.

    Edouard Carmignac writes on current economic, political and social issues each quarter.


  • Management Report – Q3 2016.

    Discover our economic analysis and investment strategy.

  • Carmignac’s Investment Views: the year is not over until it’s over.

    Watch the replay of our web conference with Didier Saint-Georges,

    Managing Director, Member of the Investment Committee.

  • Carmignac Patrimoine, 4 Pillars for a Solid Architecture

    Pillar Two: Carmignac Patrimoine, the building blocks

  • Digging deeper into emerging economies

    Focus three: Mexico’s manufacturing value

Carmignac's note

We believe it makes sense to tactically raise our level of caution as regards market risk.


Funds focus

Building a diversified strategy through long term performance drivers


Flash Note

Digging deeper into emerging economies


Flash Note

Monetary policy can only do so much. Even after years of quantitative easing and rock-bottom interest rates, economic growth has almost everywhere been consistently disappointing for the past eight years.

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