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Recommended minimum investment horizon : 5 years

At 17/08/2018
Michael HULME
Sector Equities
  • NAV : 319.51 €
  • D-1 : +0.45 %
  • YTD : +3.51 %
  • 12 Month : +19.42 %

We continue to favour companies without excessive debt levels capable of generating attractive returns on free cash flow in the long term.

2nd rank in the category natural resources equity fund over 10 years.

€uro Fund Award 2015
January 2015
All awards


Global equity fund invested in energy, natural resources, and related industrial companies. By combining a fundamental top-down approach and a disciplined bottom-up analysis, the Fund manager aims to select quality companies with attractive long-term growth prospects and sustainable cash flow generation, across the entire commodity value chain. The Fund aims to outperform its reference indicator over 5 years..

Carmignac Global Strategy July 2018

  • Risky assets rallied
  • Lower oil prices
  • Pressure on core yields

Exposure data

monthly weekly
July 2018
91.60 %
Investment rate
95.32 %
Exposure rate
Week from 3 to 10 Aug 2018
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Management Comments


July 2018

The Fund posted a positive performance but slightly trailed its reference indicator. Oil and gold prices fell sharply in July. While oil prices were hit by a rising supply following the Vienna Summit, in the wake of the increase in Saudi Arabian production, the resumption of Libyan exports and discussions on reducing US strategic reserves, gold prices were pushed lower by the economic stimulus measures announced by the Chinese government. In this context, the Fund proved resilient, largely thanks to our oil refining and marketing companies (Marathon Petroleum), as well as our oil production and exploration companies, especially those in the Permian Basin (SM Energy, PDC Energy). The Fund’s performance was also boosted by its investments in commodity-related industries like semiconductors (Siltronic). On the other hand, the fall in our gold stocks (Goldcorp) proved costly. We have increased our equity exposure, which now stands at a high level.


Week from 3 to 10 Aug 2018

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